We Are Cofil

Authenticity – Heart - Creativity

A story of passion

Our brand COFIL, combination of the family name “Corrieri” and the word “Filati” represent itself the essence of this company founded by the family in Prato on 1971.

Today the third generation is leading a continuous process of research for innovation and creativity in the design and production of linear and fancy yarns.

Through the years we have defined ourselves focusing on a market in continuous evolution.

Always in step with the times in terms of service and stock availability thanks to the experience that has been maturated with passion and sacrifice.

With investments concentrated on the increasing the value of our territory and the professional capacities of our team members and collaborators, we have increased our production department and maintained the prestige that is historically the symbol of our textile district, without leaving behind the importance of innovation and technology.

A tangible Stock Service on a really high number of linear and fancy yarns has allowed us to present ourselves to our customers with an effective response to their needs an with wide and diversified stock availability.

Today we propose a variety of product solutions and we place ourselves on the market as a single company able to cover all kinds of market demands in terms of quality and price.